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tonight, we fly away so high...our first full moon sky [entries|friends|calendar]
the weight of five nickels

i wrap you around my heart. you know you shine so bright.
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[07 Jun 2010|09:08pm]
shot right through my heart

XXL [20 Mar 2005|11:20pm]
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never thought it woud be so good to be back.....i asked casey for m&m's and this is what i got it is bigger than my head and imaeatemalllll
to prove 3 can suvive shot right through my heart

is it strange that i love the way trashbags smell [24 Dec 2004|08:49pm]
tonight was amazing ...i must prepare you that i got tylers cookbook and tallahasse can expect some amazing dishes.....better than that vegan choclate cake...better than the vegan carrab cake....better than the vegan sweet pot. crunch........expect some sushi.....complete with plates and placemats..and chopsticks...expect a picnic someone i am not sure who but someone....(thanks LL for the new obsession)............ .this is public so you see it cause i know you didnt leave that easy you suck for not being you you suck for letting me feel this way....i hate you...but i expected too much i expected something real..i expected an explanation.......... can something real come my way soon thats all i want for x mas thats all i want.i want to be taken care of i want someone to sit and read with me while i watch gg....i want to sit and read while you watch your fav show...i want to come home for work and cook dinner just in time for you to walk in the door from you long day at a real job... i do notwant someone i have to say good bye to for weeks at a time..i dont give a shit.it does not make you better it does not make your relationship stronger.... i do not want someone i have to beg to love me i do not want someone that has no intrest in me being my own person i do not want ............ ...everyone i have had before....... <3 hay "i smell trashbags" rich my fav color is green and i got some bad ass gloves today
to prove 2 can suvive shot right through my heart

learn your fucking lesson... [05 Dec 2004|08:32pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

...dont look foward to things.....

so i feel like this is the first time i na while i have let someoen make me sad......really sad...and it just happen to be the one person everyone warned me about..the one person i promised myself wouldnt mean a damn thing.....

on another happier note....me and my mema make an awesome couple

to prove 2 can suvive shot right through my heart

[30 Sep 2004|02:32am]
today the shirt i put on still smelled of you.....
shot right through my heart

[12 Jan 2004|12:05am]

This is a Friends Only Affair.

anonymous comments are for the birds.
to prove 1 can suvive shot right through my heart

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